easy video blogging

How easy is to video blog? Turn on your iPhone and video yourself.

I was lucky enough to have Troy Dean ( @troydean ) of WP Elevation in town and out for a beer. He was open to be my guest and we just framed up a basic subject and went for it in 3 takes.

Afraid of messing it up? Take this video for instance…my external microphone wasn’t working. You might not even really notice until I point it out, but hey practice makes perfect; and that in and of itself could be a valuable lesson for you in learning how to video blog.

Find that encouraging? Want to know more?

Leave a comment in the comment section below.

I’d love to make more videos about things that support you in making more videos now…like NOW.


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    Q – what if I want to do a video blog where I don’t only offer verbal information, but movement as well….would I need a special mic?

    Q – If I do require a special mic, what kind?

    Q – and…if i want the video to include music, how do I make the music sound clear and not like white noise.

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    Similar to Katlin’s comments above what equipment besides an Iphone is needed. How is it that simply as I have no experience? I would like to post videos of certain inspection aspects to me web site. Is it as easy as taking the video and downloading it right from the phone to the site?

  3. says

    Hi Rob

    I’d love to see a step-by-step instructions on how to utilize an iPhone to create a video blog… first the simple without editing and then more advanced with editing. I’d even be willing to take a class for a nominal fee $10-30 to get on-hands instructions. Additionally how to implement such a mini-video into our ConstantContact newsletter.

    Gracias Mi Amigo!

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